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Welcome to North Charleston High School

Mr. Grimm

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to NCHS. We are excited and grateful you have chosen to entrust your students to us. We are working very hard to provide all students with a high-quality teacher and a safe orderly environment in which to learn. It is very important that students attend school each day and strive to reach their maximum potential. NCHS has made tremendous gains and expects you to continue this pattern of success. Gains can only occur if you, the students, work hard each day. NCHS is your school! The teachers and staff work for you. Take advantage of our knowledge and desire to see you succeed. We offer many opportunities for students to engage with their school. We recommend you take advantage of clubs, athletics, extracurricular activities, or any area you find interesting. I have an open door policy. No appointment is ever necessary. If you need to speak to an administrator, just stop by the school and we will make time to meet.

Robert A. Grimm


bell schedule

Bell Schedules




NCHS - Teach The Need
NCHS Teach The Need
North Charleston High School Teach The Need students visit Charleston Place.  READ MORE...
NCHS Community Class News
NCHS Community Class News
NCHS opened its doors to our Hispanic families. 
Sarah Cunningham receives John M. Settle, Sr. Award
Sarah Cunningham receives John M. Settle, Sr. Award 
Coach Pearson Named 2A Athletic Director of the Year
Please help us congratulating our very own Coach Pearson  READ MORE...
Kristofer "Duncan" Charles receives Scholarship 

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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 2:00pm

School Phone Number 843-745-7140

First Day of School August 17, 2015

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Youth Apprenticeship Opportunities For Outstanding 11th Graders
                                     Read More

                              STEM Charleston

                                COUGAR HIGHLIGHTS                                      


Boeing has a partnered with North Charleston High School to provide support, mentorships, recruit for internships and employment. Boeing continues to make a difference in the lives of our students by inspiring them and sharing the importance of science, technology, engineering and math. DreamLearners is the new Education Relations program aimed at reaching students in South Carolina and encouraging them to pursue future careers with the company.



         Be A Mentor Program 2015

                  NCHS Be A Mentor