Armed Forces

Armed Services and Military Academies

Opportunities are available to high school graduates in all branches of the armed services. Whether you wish to enlist directly after graduation, enroll in an ROTC program at select colleges or apply to one of the United States armed services academies, you can speak with representatives from the various recruiting offices that visit the high school on a regular basis or learn more about each branch by connecting to the following links:

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          U.S. Air Force  U.S. Army  U.S. Marine  U.S. Navy

          U.S. Coast Guard  U.S. Air Force Academy  U.S. Military Academy  U.S. Naval Academy

          U.S. Coast Guard Academy  Merchant Marine Academy  Army ROTC  Navy ROTC

          Air Force ROTC

Note:  The decision to apply to a service academy or an ROTC program should begin in the summer prior to entering the senior year. Students should contact the offices of their national Representative or Senators in order to become familiar with the process of securing a nomination.