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South Carolina initiated School Improvement Councils through legislation as a means of restoring the influential voice of parents and community members in public education. Each public school in South Carolina has a School Improvement Council that is responsible for planning, monitoring, and evaluating improvement at the school level. The School Improvement Council at North Charleston High School has the following responsibilities:

  1. Participate in the development of the five-year school improvement plan.
  2. Assist in the monitoring of the implementation of the plan and evaluation of results on achieving the goals.
  3. Assist in the writing of the annual updates.
  4. Advise on the spending of incentive funds if the school receives an award.
  5. Write the narrative to the School Report Card in conjunction with the principal.
  6. Participate in the revision of the school improvement plan if the school is rated unsatisfactory on the School Report Card.

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2015-2016 School Improvement Council

Members of the North Charleston High School Improvement Council include parents, faculty, community members, and ex-officio members. Names are listed below.


                         SIC Members 

Mr. Robert Grimm    Principal 
Mrs. Vanessa Denney   Asst. Principal
Mr. David Jessen   Faculty Member
Mr. Anthony Ludwig   Faculty Member  
Mr. Michael Miller   School Board Member
Ms. Kyle Lahm   Mayor's Office
Ms. Diane King   Parent
Mr. Jeffrey Prish   Parent  
Ms. Jasmine Grant   Student
Ms. Sadeja Scott   Student
Mr. Anthony Drew   Community Member  
Mr. Bryan Ayer   Community Member (Alumni)
Mr. Greg Shore
Community Member
Ms. Ericka Giacomo   Community Member


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