Dress Code

The following items are approved student attire:

• Properly fitted shirts or pants
• Please wear khaki pants (approved colors are brown, black, blue, or grey)
      - pants should not have large or “cargo” style pockets.
      - pants should be worn at the waist line and extend to the ankle
• Khaki shorts or skirts must be fingertip length or be worn no higher than 2 inches above the knee. Fingertip length is defined as the area of the leg where fingertips touch the hemline of the shorts or skirts while standing upright with shoulders aligned with the body.
• Shirts and blouses must be appropriately buttoned. Sweaters, vests, jacket shirts, and sweater shirts are exceptions.
• If belts are worn, they must be worn at an appropriate level, buckled, and tucked in loops.
• Ladies should be fully covered (no revealing neck lines)
• Undergarments shall not be exposed at any time.
• Shoes shall be worn at all times. Note that shoes must be affixed to the foot at both the toe and heel.
• Clothing shall not reveal bare skin between upper chest and mid-thigh.

The following items are strictly prohibited and should not be worn as part of a student’s attire:
• Oversized belt buckles, belt- chains and neck-chains
• Scarves, bandanas, hats, hair bonnets, koofies, and/or headbands - If there is a medical reason for a student to wear one of the items listed above, a letter from a physician will need to be provided to the principal.
• Sunglasses
• Wearing “hoodies”on head (before entering the building the hoodie must be removed from the head)
• Jump suits or coveralls
• Gloves (before entering the building the gloves must be removed)
• Clothing or other attire with word or images depicting or relating to tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.
• Clothing or other attire displaying inflammatory, suggestive, racial, or other inappropriate writing, advertising, or artwork. 
• Clothing or other attire displaying profanity, obscenity, violence, weapons, symbols of hate, or offensive content.
• Clothing, jewelry, accessories, and/or manner of grooming that indicates or implies gang membership or affiliation
• Loungewear, pajamas, slides, and bedroom slippers
• Shirts, tops, or dresses that are backless, strapless, halter-style, cut-out, bare shouldered, or spaghetti straps.
• Heels in excess of 1” are prohibited.
• Blankets (no blanket may be brought to school or used before, during, or after school)

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